Cape Town to Cape Agulahs

Finally we set off from Cape Town on our mission to park the MGs at the southern most tip of Africa before beginning the odyssey north. The most southern tip of Africa is Cape Agulahs and what a drive we were treated to on the way.

We headed south and east from Cape Town towards Gordon’s Bay, a fidhing and seaside community on a beautiful bay. From Gordon’s Bay we wound our way along a fabulous coastal road with some spectacular scenery, through fishing hamlets and also through some pretty fancy seaside / holiday villages.


We tend to end up in a group of cars – it is hard to keep 10 cars together on one road. Some people stop for coffee, some for photographs, some for both! However it is interesting that there is never really more than 10 – 15 minutes between the first and last car to arrive at any destination.

Cape Agulahs is a large seaside resort – I had thought we were driving to the end of the known world (at least in Africa) instead we arrived in a thriving and bustling township which obviously caters for many summer visitors.


Out to the tip and the lighthouse which protects shipping rounding this cape. And then came THE photo. All the MGs parked at the tip of Africa!

From Agulahs we had a very fast trip to Mossell Bay where we were to stay the night.

PS. thank you all for all your comments and messages – it is so exciting to hear from everyone and know you are with us in spirit!

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