South america

DAY         DATE              MILES    DESTINATION
Day  1      Mon 5-Jan                     Santiago
Day  2      Tue 6-Jan                      Santiago
Day  3      Wed 7-Jan                     Vine del Mar
Day  4      Thu 8-Jan                      Vina del Mar, Valparaiso
Day  5      Fri 9-Jan                        Vina del Mar, Valparaiso
Day  6      Sat 10-Jan     344          San Javier – Gilmore Winery
Day  7      Sun 11-Jan    425          Temuco
Day  8      Mon 12-Jan   350          Puerto Varas
Day  9      Tue 13-Jan    200          Puerto Varas
Day  10    Wed 14-Jan   120          Hornopiren
Day  11    Thu 15-Jan      40          Caleta
Day  12    Fri 16-Jan      245          Puyuhuapi
Day  13    Sat 17-Jan     220          Coihaique
Day  14    Sun 18-Jan    396          Los Antiguos
Day  15    Mon 19-Jan                   Los Antigous
Day  16    Tue 20-Jan    402          Gobernador Gregores
Day  17    Wed 21-Jan   330          El Calafate
Day  18    Thu 22-Jan    560          Torres del Paine National Park
Day  19    Fri 23-Jan      360          Punta Arenas
Day  20    Sat 24-Jan    450           Ushuaia
Day  21    Sun 25-Jan                    Ushuaia
Day  22    Mon 26-Jan                   Ushuaia
Day  23    Tue 27-Jan    257          Rio Grande
Day  24    Wed 28-Jan   356          Rio Gallegos
Day  25    Thu 29-Jan    456          El Chalten
Day  26    Fri 30-Jan      160          El Chalten
Day  27    Sat 31-Jan     582          Perito Moreno
Day  28    Sun 1-Feb      360         Gobernador Costa
Day  29    Mon 2-Feb     181          Esquel
Day  30    Tue 3-Feb      285          San Carlos de Bariloche
Day  31    Wed 4-Feb    100           San Carlos de Bariloche
Day  32    Thu 5-Feb     436            Zapala
Day  33    Fri 6-Feb       190            Chos Malal
Day  34    Sat 7-Feb      333            Malargue
Day  35    Sun 8-Feb     402            Mendoza
Day  36    Mon 9-Feb                      Mendoza
Day  37    Tue 10-Feb                     Mendoza
Day  38    Wed 11-Feb   595           La Rioja
Day  39    Thu 12-Feb    469           Cafayate
Day  40    Fri 13-Feb      161           Cachi
Day 41     Sat 14-Feb     159           Salta
Day  42    Sun 15-Feb                     Salta
Day  43    Mon 16-Feb    218          Purmamarca
Day  44    Tue 17-Feb     200          Humahuaca
Day  45    Wed 18-Feb                    Potosi
Day  46    Thu 19-Feb                     Potosi
Day  52    Fri 20-Feb      310           Sucre
Day  53    Sat 21-Feb     574           La Paz
Day  54    Sun 22-Feb                     La Paz

Day  55    Mon 23-Feb    288          Puno
Day  56    Tue 24-Feb                     Puno / Lake Titicaca
Day  57    Wed 25-Feb    429          Urubamba
Day  58    Thu 26-Feb                     Machu Picchu
Day  59    Fri 27-Feb         49          Machu Picchu / Cuzco.
Day  60    Sat 28-Feb                      Cuzco
Day  61    Sun 1-Mar       192          Abancay
Day  62    Mon 2-Mar      438          Nazca
Day  63    Tue 3-Mar                       Nazca Lines
Day  64    Wed 4-Mar      421          Lima
Day  65    Thu 5-Mar                       Lima
Day  66    Fri 6-Mar         549          Trujillo
Day  67    Sat 7-Mar        205          Chiclayo
Day  68    Sun 8-Mar       500          Tumbes

Day  69    Mon 9-Mar      244           Cuenca
Day  70    Tue 10-Mar     340           Patate
Day  71    Wed 11-Mar    170           Quito
Day  72    Thu 12-Mar                      Quito
Day  73    Fri 13-Mar        130          Otavalo
Day  74    Sat 14-Mar                       Otavalo

Day  75    Sun 15-Mar      240          Pasto
Day  76    Mon 16-Mar     390          San Agustin
Day  77    Tue 17-Mar                      San Agustin
Day  78    Wed 18-Mar     522          Bogota
Day  79    Thu 19-Mar                      Bogota
Day  80    Fri 20-Mar        186          Villa de Leyva
Day  81    Sat 21-Mar       188         Barichara
Day  82    Sun 22-Mar       657        Santa Marta
Day  83    Mon 23-Mar                    Santa Marta
Day  84    Tue 24-Mar       237        Cartagena
Day  85    Wed 25-Mar                    Cartagena

Cape Town to Cairo – 2012

August                                                                                                                          Wed      2             Arrive in Johannesburg, South Africa. Dine together with our hosts.
Thu       30           Entertained by MG members?
Fri         31           Entertained by MG members
Sat        1             Entertained by MG members
Sun       2             Fly to Cape Townand meet MG club members.
Mon       3             Pick up cars, visit Robin Island, Botanical Gardens, Groot Konstantia.
Tue       4             Cape Point via Fish Hoek & False Bay – return via Kommetjie
Wed      5             Garden Route – Gordon’s Bayt to Cape Agulhas to Mossel Bay: 500km
Thu       6             Mossel Bay over Prince Albert’s Pass to Oudtshoorn:500km
Fri         7             Oudtshoorn  to Franschhoek wine area: 380km
Sat        8             Franschhoek to Cape Town via Paarl, Wellington, Bloubergstrand
Sun       9             Official Start of our African Adventure. Cape Town to Okiep:  570km
Mon      10            Fish River Canyon -Border crossing: 320km
Tue       11           Border to Sesriem: 680km
Wed      12           Sesriem to Windhoek  – visit Dune 45 then head for Windhoek:  390km
Thu        13           Windhoek to Otavi 430km
Fri          14           Otavi  to Bagani – Okovango delta game park:  530km
Sat         15           Game drives
Sun        16           Bagani  to Kasane – via 2 Border crossings: Namibia to Zambia and Botswana: 470km
Mon      17           Through border to Victoria Falls and on to Mlibizi on Kariba Dam: 320km
Tue       18           Kariba Ferry at Mlibizi
Wed     19           Ferry arrival to Lusaka and on to Mkushi
Thu       20           Mkushi  to Shiwa Ngandu/Kapisha Hot Springs: 430km
Fri         21           Shiwa Ngandu/Kapisha Hot Springs
Sat        22           Shiwa Ngandu to Tanzanian border – overnight in Mbeya: 400km
Sun       23           Mbeya to Mikumi Wildlife Lodge then on to Morogoro: 310km
Mon       24           Morogoro to Dar es Salaam – people ferry to Zanzibar: 200km
Tue       25           Zanzibar – Visit Stone Town, Jozani Forest (Red Monkeys) etc
Wed      26           Morning ferry,then to Moshi -base of Kilimanjaro 5895m: 570km
Half way point to Cairo.
Thu        27           Moshi to Nairobi: 350km
Fri          28           Nairobi – Karen Blixen House, cocktails with Oz High Commissioner
Sat         29           Nairobi – service and clean MG’s. Drinks at Mutheri Country Club
Sun        30           Nairobi – African Classic Car Concours.
Mon      1              Fly to Mara Intrepids Camp
Tue       2              Game drives and game walks and relax
Wed      3              Fly to Nairobi. Drive to Archers Post past Nyeri – Baden Powell’s grave; cross the Equator:320km
Thu        4              Archers Post to Marsabit: 235km
Fri          5              Marsabit  to Moyale (Split border town): 250km
Sat         6              Moyale  to Awasa – on shores of Lake Awasa, Rift valley: 510km
Sun        7              Addis Abbaba : 270km
Mon        8              Addis Abbaba
Tue        9              Early flight to Lalibela – Visit 11 monolithic churches
Wed      10            Fly to Axum – Home of Queen of Sheba? Site of Arc of the Covenant
Thu        11            Return to Addis Abbaba. Dinner at Castelli’s, Addis’ oldest restaurant
Fri          12            Addis Abbaba to Bahir Dah – Lake Tana (source of Blue Nile): 575km
Sat         13            Bahir Dah to Gonder – City of Castles: 240km
Sun        14            Gonder  to Wadi Madani: 588km
Mon       15             Wadi Madani to Khartoum – confluence of White and Blue Niles 200km
Tue        16            Khartoum
Wed       17           Khartoum to Atbara via Pyramids of Meroe: 330km
Thu        18            Meroe to Karima – Shendi pyramids: 150km
Fri          19            Karima  to Dongola: 270km
Sat         20           Dongola to Wadi Halfa: 375km
Sun        21           Wadi Halfa – organise ferry for us and our cars into Egypt.
Mon       22           Ferry to Aswan – Separate people and car ferry.
Tue       23           Aswan – Agatha Christi territory – Death on the Nile
Wed     24           Aswan – Abu Simbel – Temples of Pharaoh Ramesses ll and Nefertari.
Thu       25           Aswan
Fri         26           Aswan  to Luxor (Thebes); 220km
Sat        27           Luxor – Visit the Valley of the Kings; Valley of the Queens.
Sun       28           Luxor  to El Minya – Rock Tombs: 425km
Mon      29            El Minya to Giza (Cairo): 250km  Book
Tue       30           Giza / Cairo
Wed      31           Giza / Cairo
From here, we either head to the UK via Tunisia; via Jordon or over the Mediterranean Sea to Greece or Italy, depending on the politics in the area. A decision will be made at a later date.
Thu        1              Cairo to Alexandria – city day tour: 205km
Fri          2              Alexandria to Matruh: 300km
Sat         3              Matruh to Tobruk and border – WW2 town: 400km
Sun        4              Tobruk to Benghazi – via Cyrene:  500km
Mon        5              Benghazi to Surt – Gadaffi’s home town: 570km
Tue        6              Surt  to Tripoli – Leptis Magna archeological site: 470km
Wed      7              Tripoli – City Day Tour
Thu        8              Tripoli  to Sfax – cross border: 500km
Fri          9              Sfax  to Tunis – Ras Ben Sakka – Northern most point of Africa: 280km
Sat        10             Tunis – visit El Diem, Dougga, Carthage.
Sun       11             Tunis to Palermo and tour Sicily – Napoli
Mon       12             Napoli  to Roma
Tue        13            Roma
Wed      14            Roma  to Genoa
Thu        15           Genoa  to Nice
Fri          16           Nice  to Oradour sur Glane
Sat         17           Oradour sur Glane  to chateau near Richelieu
Sun        18           Richelieu to Cherbourg via Le Mons: 320km
Mon        19           Ferry to Portsmouth – UK
Tue        20           Portsmouth to Abingdon: 100km
Wed       21          UK – Kimber House or Abingdon Town Square
Thu        22          UK – MG Motors, Longbridge, Birmingham.

End of Cape to Cairo & Beyond 2012

2 thoughts on “Itinerary

  1. Hi, nice to read all the ‘happenings’ for the Cape Town to Cairo and beyond trip with your MG’s……. Wish you the best.
    Could you please tell Dave Godwin to contact Shailesh Chandaria of Nairobi, urgently. I need to talk to Dave.
    Regards to all

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