Excitement Central NZ: Taupo: bungy jumping, rapids canoeing and kite sailing.  So we went to the Wairakei Terraces Hot Pools and spent an hour or two soaking in the mineral pools!

Ok, so we did do a jet boat trip and the 360s are fun (and wet).  See photos.  This is NZ as it should be!

Lake Taupo empties into the Waikato River with the amazing Huka Falls powering through a narrow gorge with tumbling water spraying into the air and misting up the sunglasses.

This river breeds rugby players that make the Chiefs a team of ultra tough players. The Kiwis we  met in the area kept making a point of telling us this!  They did beat the Crusaders the night before!

We also visited the Craters of the Moon, a thermal area, with steam emitting from numerous fissures, which was fascinating.

We also went up to the weir on the river to watch the release of water into the river. This happens four times and day and is quite a spectacle. The release of water changes this part of the river from a still rock pool to a raging torrent. There are two warning sirens prior to the release to warn people, as you would not want to be anywhere near this section of the river when the water begins to flow.

The sluice gates open one at a time and the river begins to fill. Huge rocks downstream are finally submerged by the huge amounts of water flowing down the river bed. Quite a sight.

Dinner overlooking Lake Taupo with an intense sunset finished the day off.

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