On the Road to Goodwood, Even More Sites: Brooklands

Brooklands is the home of British Motor Sport, with a banked track built in 1906.

Here is the information from the site:

brook 10

Brooklands, the world’s first purpose-built motor racing circuit, was built by local landowner Hugh Locke King on 330 acres of farm and woodland on his estate at Weybridge in Surrey. Work commenced in late 1906. As soon as the design of the track was entrusted to Colonel H.C.L. Holden of the Royal Artillery, the original plans began to grow beyond Locke King’s wildest expectations. Far from his initial idea of a simple road circuit, Locke King was persuaded that, in order for cars to achieve the highest possible speeds, with the greatest possible safety, the 2¾ mile circuit would need to be provided with two huge banked sections nearly 30 ft. high. The track would be 100 ft. wide, made of concrete and include two long straights, one running for half a mile beside the London to Southampton Railway, and an additional ‘Finishing Straight’ passing the Paddock and enclosures, bringing the total length of the track to 3¼ miles. This outstanding feat of engineering was built in only nine months and eventually cost Hugh Locke King his personal fortune, a price equal to nearly 16 million pounds today. In 1913 the world record of more than 100 mph was set on the steeply banked track. The last race meeting was held at Brooklands on 7th August 1939. With the outbreak of World War Two, the aerodrome was requisitioned by the Government and devoted to the production of Vickers and Hawker aircraft, including Hurricane fighters and Wellington bombers.

brook 12

So, the area has a strong motor and aircraft connection and we really took the time to experience the aircraft aspects.

From early 1909 aircraft:

To 10 years later in 1919

and at around the same time.

During our visits to motor museums we were fascinated by the rapid improvement of motor cars from 1890s to 1920s and the same development clearly happened in aircraft as well.

brook 7

Ros as the controls of a VC 10, one of the longest serving aircraft.

While at Brooklands one has to admire the concord, parts of which were built on site.

Trying out the seats.  Where all the concords are now.

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