On the Road to Goodwood, Even More Cars: Williams F1 Museum

A beautiful warm morning (something unusual as we even took the roof down) and a quick drive to the Williams F1 Museum set in the middle of the British technology area.

will 7

The museum has Sir Frank Williams’ private Grand Prix Collection spanning all the cars from 1978. I will not go into the team’s history, suffice to say they had heady years in the 1990s, tragedy when Senna died and have since had podium finishes but no championships.

Early Cars

The winning years

The day was made even more enjoyable due to our guide, Simon’s, extensive knowledge. Although in his 30s he clearly had followed F1 from an early age, watching with his father and now combines his hospitality degree with the job of a ‘life time’. We could have spent hours longer just hearing the history of the team, the successes / failures of each car on display and his anecdotes about people, places and events.

The family car steering wheel.  The last podium car

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