On the Road to Goodwood, Even More Cars: Morgan Factory

Continuing along our ‘car theme’ here are the details of the next outing we enjoyed.

morgan 1

I expect that the Morgan Factory is a must do on every car nut (and semi-nut’s) tour of the British motor industry. Here cars are still hand made, made to order with as the result that each car distinctive and unique.

The start of the tour is in the museum containing some models that are no longer produced.  the standard Morgan 4/4 goes back to pre war days

Our tour guide was excellent: a Morgan nut himself (2 Morgans, 1 wife) who comes in a few days a week to take tours around the factory and impressed with knowledge of all the ins and outs of the cars. He seemed to know everyone on the factory floor.

Three wheelers finished and in production

I will not get the models correct, but as well as the 3 wheeler, there is the 4/4 (skinner tyres and a Ford 1600cc engine), the Plus 4 (wider tyres and Ford 2 litre), the Roadster (Ford 3.7 litre) and the Plus 8 (BMW 4.8 litre). Also the Aero. And it seemed as we walked around each of these models is built in a slightly different way, including different chassis and woodwork.

In the factory, the chassis starts in one part of the building collecting its motor, gearbox etc

The car then meets up in the middle with the tub, having been made up from raw wooden parts made by guys still using hammers and plains.

The two are then put together.

The aluminium body work is then hand made to each car, again using hammers and tin cutters to get the exact fit.

Once built up the car rolls (literally) across the road to the paint shed where it is dismantled and the parts individually painted, before meeting up in the trim shop to be put together along with carpets, windscreen, seats, dash etc

Until a final individual made to order car is taken out for a test run around the local streets.

morgan 18

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