Goodwood Tour Part 1

We are now starting our last 2 weeks in England with a tour ending with the 3 day Goodwood Revival. This is the twentieth year of the Goodwood Revival, a classic motoring event over 3 days on the Goodwood racing circuit attracting a crowd of 30,000 on each of the three days.

Not only are classic cars on display but they are also to be seen racing around the circuit. Also, the visitors dress up in classic clothes of the 1940s, 50s and 60s. Around the track are over 400 stands selling anything motoring, heritage or just stuff that will appeal to the attendees.

The Goodwood track was a premier circuit until the 60s when cars simply got too fast for it and the track was closed for safety reasons. Thirty years later, the Earl of Marsh founded the Revival, enticing a wide range of classic cars for the three days of racing and parade.

Anyway, more on the Revival when we write it up. First we will cover some of the visits we made on the 8 days leading up to the event. This entry is about 3 car museums: Gaydon, Hayes and Beaulieu.

First Gaydon, which is the British Motor Museum plus the Jaguar collection. Really fascinating and helpful in pulling together all the information swimming around my head about different English car brands and their development.

Starting of course with Old Number One in the entry foyer:

Moving on to design and concepts cars:

Then a few more MGs:

The last of the run:

Plus a full collection of MG speed record cars:

A fascinating table of where British car manufactures have gone:

hay 61

Finally a line up of 100 jags, including a long row of XJ models from 1968 through to the current: amazing to see how the lines changed over time, but only very slightly, up until the current model.

hay 62

So, from Gaydon, on to Haynes:

the opening three cars, a 1890s Mercedes, a 1903 Oldsmobile and a slightly later Humber show the rapid development of cars in a very short time.

If you cannot decide how to display cars in any particular order, then go by cloud: the Red Room 50 sports cars:

Some more Morrises MGs

An MG TA: in a museum, should be on the road!

Or, if you cannot think of a better name, go for the obvious:

An finally the car we owned in Chicago 35 years ago:

hay 13

Now on to Beaulieu, an eclectic collection started by Lord Montagu as he was one of the first enthusiasts of cars:  here is his Daimler that he drove from New Forest on the South Coast to London to attend Parliament:

Some more examples of how quickly cars made an impact:

In France too, a taxi cab in 1908:

Including the unusual: the inside of an early garage (remind you of any that you know?) and a lego caravan!

Not forgetting that Japan was making cars in the 1930s as well: was this a take off of an Austin 7 or a Morris?

And finally, not in the museum, but one of the party borrowed a Bristol for part of the trip, giving Goldie some competition!

hay 14

That’s it for now, we’ll try to upload some more visits and yes, even some more car photos shortly.

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